Technologically thinking...



Planning: 50%

Mechanical: 10%

Electronics: 0%  

Programming: 0%

Overall: 12% 

Technical info 

Name: AATV, Autonomous all terrain vehicle. 

Cost: 50€

Weight: 4711  grams, expecting a bit over 5 Kg after finished.

Hours spent: 10.

Environment: Outdoors.

Purpose: Outdoors development platform.

What it does: Right now, nothing.

Programming language: C

CPU: Atmega 168

Sensors / Inputs: Nothing.

Actuators / Outputs: 2 cordless drill 18v motors.

Power: two 18v batteries, and one 12v battery with a switching regulator to bring it down to 3.3v for MCU, and 5v for sensors. 

AATV, Autonomous All Terrain Vehicle

  AATV stands for, Autonomous All Terrain Vehicle.

  Fully custom metal chassis, and "tank" like tracks.

  Electronics go inside old modem case. 


Super archaic motor controller:

but it works! 




Only one motor is being RC controlled because only one servo is strong enough to press the button... fail!

I'll come up with something. 


 First video of transmission, tomorrow it shall  be RC :D



A bit crooked, but that's because there is only one tank track, still have to balance it more, and fine tune it. 




  Motors and drive system is close to complete:

  Very good deal for the motors, 18v motors + two proportional controller + gearboxes + two 18v batteries + two chargers,

 for 30€ brand new at the mall!

 They have TONNES of torque, and aren't let down by speed either, can't wait to drive this thing around!

 They also have a friction clutch, so I can set it so that if the motors stall because of something it won't ruin the gears

 and drain the battery! 

 Having my custom steel hubs machined, right now the wheels are on by using some fine improvisation  

 Strong enough to test, but not strong enough for me to trust them there for a long time. 

 Also got these for a home made lathe, and these for a new version of my coil gun, but that's another project 

Going to finish my other tank track tomorrow, and draw up a sketch of the chassis, stay tuned.